On Neal Pond, there are several camps available for rent. To locate them, simply search on VRBO or Airbnb. Occasionally, a homeowner may wish to promote their property on our website. (not all of the rental properties around the pond are featured here). It's important to note that NPCOA has no connection to rental properties, and we do not have any financial stake in them. The properties listed on our page are purely a gesture of goodwill to members of our lake community. Contact the property owners directly for questions and booking.  NPCOA can not answer questions about individual properties. 

Short Term Rentals

6 Lake Road

New Build

4 bedrooms (sleeps 8)

2 bath

This property is available to rent year-round

All the details and contact information are on the VRBO listing

181 Southeast Pond Road 

newly renovated

2 bedrooms

1 bathroom 

pull out sofa

washer and dryer 

Sleeps 6


Leo Enos 603-631-0206 or

Melinda Enos 603-733-6006

This property is available to rent year-round 

190 Lake Road

1 bedroom 

loft that sleeps 6

1 1/2 bath

Newly updated kitchen 

gas stove

Internet service

Propane heat


Launa Glover