Pond Improvement Programs

Lake Wise Award Program

The Lake Wise Program is an Agency of Natural Resources initiative that awards lake-friendly shoreland property. The goal is to produce living shorelines vs. over-developed shorelines which protects the lake through stormwater management. The purpose is to slow and filter the water entering the lake. Stormwater brings sediment into the lake which could increase phosphorus which is considered a pollutant. This can increase algae blooms. Vermont is ranked the worst in the country for lakeshore disturbance.

Lake Wise Program Flyer.pdf

Buffers for Blue Lakes

The Neal Pond Camp Owners Association encourages participation in the Buffers for Blue Lakes program supported by the Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds.   If you are interested in knowing more about this program, please click "Buffers for Blue Lakes" above for more details and contact information.

Reel In & Recycle

The Neal Pond Camp Owners Association has placed a fishing line recycling drop off bin at the State Boat Ramp at the South end of the pond.  Fishermen are encouraged to deposit used monofilament (fishline) in the receptacle mounted on the notice board at the boat launch.  This drop bin will be monitored and maintained by the NPCOA.

Please Note: This bin is for fishing line only.  Please report any abuse of the drop off location to your Quadrant Captain or Camp Association Officers.  If abuse persists, the drop bin will be removed from the boat launch permanently.

Lead Fishing Tackle Reduction Project

Did you know that the smallest lead sinker could kill a loon. In addition to our monofilament (fishline) disposal receptacle at the boat landing, the VT Center for Ecostudies will be adding a receptacle at the boat launch. Nearly 50% of loon deaths from 1989-2022 in Vermont were caused by lead fishing gear, monofilament, and ingestion of hooks .Did you know that it is illegal to use and sell?

lead sinkers weighing 1/2 oz. or less to fish with in VT? Here is a listing of where to by lead free sinkers https://fishleadfree.org/online-retailers/.

Click this flyer below for more details

vce lead handout.pdf

Vermont Invasive Patrollers (VIP)

Vermont Invasive Patrollers provide a vital line of defense against harmful invasive species that can threaten the ecology and recreational potential of our lakes and rivers. VIPs are trained to identify and distinguish between native and invasive aquatic plants and animals, and to conduct systematic surveys for aquatic invaders like Eurasian watermilfoil and zebra mussels. 

Each summer, VIPs monitor their local waterbodies for new introductions of invasive species and report their findings to the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Newly detected invasive species can be responded to immediately, before the new invaders become well-established. Interested in becoming a Neal Pond VIP?  Refer to their website for more details, including in-person and webinar training and workshops.  This program is free and would be a great resume builder for those entering college in similar fields of study. Click here for all the details https://dec.vermont.gov/watershed/lakes-ponds/aquatic-invasives/monitoring/vips 

A Special Thank You & Shout Out to Lakeville Nature Conservancy

We received a wonderful email from Lakeville Nature.  https://lakevillenature.org/

They were teaching an environmental class for summer campers and found our website and thought it was a valuable resource.  The campers wanted to return the favor and give us a site we thought may be useful and were excited at the thought of their chosen site being listed on our webpage so here it is. 

www.seattleyachts.com/clean-your-boat-learn-about-invasive-species [Clean Your Boat: Learn about Invasive Species]