Neal Pond Gear

Neal Pond Clothing & Decals

T-shirts, sweatshirts, and decals are available with our new logo in various quantities and sizes.

Contact Steve Reddy for clothing at

or Libby at

Purchases can be made with check or via PayPal to Steve.

$20 T-Shirts

$40 Sweatshirts

Decals are here. See pictures below

Two Colors with our new logo, white and blue.  $5 each 

They can be mailed for an additional $1

Neal Pond Calendars 

The calendars will be ready for sale in June. 

This year's calendar will run from Sept 2023 to December 2024 preparing for next summers to run from Jan 2025 to Dec 2025 

Price will remain the same at $15 each for the 16-month edition. 

There was an additional cost this year due to adding 4 more months to bring our calendar up to a standard year. We are asking for a $1 or $2 donation to help cover the costs of this. 

PLEASE have exact change ready when you purchase the calendars. 

Quadrant Captains will have them for sale during their rounds for dues & flares and will also be available at the annual meeting. 

If you miss these opportunities they can be mailed by contacting Libby at for an additional $2 shipping.